Bawader Architects was established in 1992 by Mohammad Adra, Ikram Zaatari and Marwan Ghandour, all graduates of the American University of Beirut. Ghandour also earned a Masters in Architecture from Columbia University. Bawader Architects completed a number of projects for various educational institutions and for the private sector, including the Scientific Research Building at the American University of Beirut [2005], The Abdel-Kader Elementary School [1998] and the Nahr-el-Bared Kindergarten [1999]. The firm exhibits a clear interest in a 'rational' approach to design, which builds upon early modernist interpretations of space, with a particular attention to the physical and social contexts.
Nahr-el-Bared Kindergarten [1999]
The Abdel-Kader Elementary School [1998]