Bernard Khoury graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1991 and received his Masters degree from Harvard in 1993. He returned to Beirut where he set up his practice and realized a number of projects, such as the B-018 nightclub in Karantina in 1998, a polemical project that received international attention, the Centrale restaurant (2001) and Yabani restaurant, among others. Bernard Khoury has emerged as a major figure in the contemporary architectural 'scene' in Beirut, due to his creative and radical design proposals. His work has been featured in international journals, and in the collection -40, a publication on the new generation of international architects, published by Skira in 2002. Khoury also received an honorable mention at the Borromini Prize in Rome in 2001.
B-018 Nightclub, Karantina [1998]
Centrale Restaurant [2001]