The infrastructure of Caracas caters mainly to automobiles. Pedestrian travel, trains, trolley systems, and other means of mass transportation are underdeveloped. The river that winds through Caracas Valley has been reduced to little more than a sewer, and must be cleaned. (This could be done with treatment towers that could double as monuments or bridges.) The extensive highway system constructed in the 1960s and 1970s gives Caracas a look that is in many ways more "L.A" than Los Angeles itself. Highway distributors with nicknames such as "Spider" or "Octopus" have become emblematic postcard motifs, and a source of pride for Caraqueños.

An ambitious government train project attempts to rethink the strategy for freight and personal transportation in and around the city. However, a central train station is not yet in place. Many locations for a main train station have been suggested, including the end of the Avenida Los Procers, La Zona Rental at the Plaza Venezuela, the terrain of the Electricidad de Caracas or the La Carlotta inner-city airport. The federal train company FERROCAR has proposed a suburban train station linked to extensions of existing inner-city lines. While this idea serves well for a cargo terminal, it is highly impractical for personal transport.

The armed forces, which hold large sections of flat, buildable land, should consider allowing an access corridor to pass through their territory to make an inner-city train station possible. Comparable projects have been traditionally seen as strategic assets and should allow the military to appreciate the advantages of a new transport system.

Only 5% of existing infrastructure connects the informal and formal cities. A recent proposal to connect the barrios with telecommunication services such as telephone, fax, and internet would close a widening gap between the wealthy, well-informed, and connected elite, and the impoverished classes. The barrios will receive eight pilot projects and a new service source providing an advanced telecommunications network.