Hubert Klumpner was born in 1965 in Salzburg, Austria. He studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna, and received his masters in Architecture and Urban Design as a Fulbright grantee at Columbia University. Klumpner is currently a professor at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, and one of the founding professors of the Estudio Digital at the school's Department of Architecture and Urbanism. He is a Consultant to the International Program for Social and Cultural Development in Latin America, UNESCO-OEA-BID, and sits on the board of directors of Consorcio Justicia, a social development advocacy group that promotes democratization of the Venezuelan justice system. In 1995 he joined the Caracas Urban Think Tank, and since 2001, he has worked with Matias and Mateo Pinto at K2P Studio. Hubert Klumpner has received a prize from the Olympic Committee in Rome and the Prize of the City of Vienna for his "Vienna City of Sports" project, the Beata Inaya Award in Memory of Rudolph Schindler, Architectural Promotion awards from the City of Vienna and the City of Salzburg, and the Award for Excellence in Design from Columbia University.

Vertical Gymnasium in Barrio Santa Cruz, designed with Matias and Mateo Pinto.