Marina Tabassum and Kashef Mahboob Chowdhury both graduated from the Department of Architecture at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka. They worked in a local architectural firm before establishing their own practice, URBANA, in 1995. URBANA's projects have been published internationally and have received several awards.

In 1997 URBANA won a national competition for the design of the Independence Monument in Dhaka, and were subsequently commissioned for the project, which incorporates a museum, multimedia theatre and other ancillary facilities (presently under construction). The focus of the project is a 50-meter high tower composed of stacked glass panels.

Kashef Mahboob Chowdhury is also a professional photographer specializing in architectural photography. He has held four exhibitions at home and abroad including an open-air exhibition to celebrate the birth centenary of Louis I. Kahn, architect of the National Assembly Complex, Bangladesh.

DHAKA, 2004

The small 1200 sq. ft. apartment is conceived as a pavilion, generously open with un-partitioned spaces that flow into another. In the spirit of traditional spatial layout, the different spaces come together around an open court. The court is a space where one is in communion with nature and celebrates the falling of rain, an overwhelming event in the tropical monsoon climate. The court also acts as a deep sink, constantly drawing a draught of air. The sitting area overlooks the court and when the glass shutters are moved aside, the room becomes a veranda. The main construction and finish materials used in this project are recycled. All bricks, exposed and untreated, have been collected from old structures that are being demolished in Old Dhaka to make way for new buildings.

DHAKA, 1997-

As one of Dhaka's major green areas, and the center of a contemporary cultural sphere, the Suhrawardy Udyan occupies a significant position in the urban context the city. It is It is also the site from where Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave his historic speech declaring the struggle for independence, and where the Pakistani forces surrendered after the war of Independence in 1971. The project, now under construction, was won in competition in 1997. The project includes a master plan and designs for a museum, multi-media projection theater, amphitheater and other ancillary facilities in addition to the main focus of the project, the monument itself. The focal point in the experience of the space is the monument: a Tower of Light made of stacked glass sheets.

Night view, Memorial DHAKA, 1997-