Architecture Laboratory (a-lab) was founded in 2000 by partners Geir Haaversen, Adnan Harambasic, and Odd Klev with the goal of producing innovative and refreshing projects by joining forces with associates from diverse professional backgrounds. When a-lab decides to enter a competition or start work on a given commission, it identifies collaborators necessary to create a project group that will lead to best result for the client and at same time be professionally challenging for the firm. The working method established within the team is inclusive and therefore positive to new impulses and changes.

Winning entry in a limited competition to realize a series of new office buildings on the former site of Oslo Airport, which is now being transformed into the business center for technology-based companies. The new project, tightly connected to the existing terminal buildings, will create a portal to the district. The building is resolved in three typologies: the "MEGAHUB," a signal element of entrance and attraction; the "work platforms," tabula rasas for each renter's enterprise; and the "supply towers," which supply the work platforms and the entrance building with electricity and water, as well as being informal meeting spaces and links between the buildings both horizontally and vertically.

Competition-winning scheme for a waterfront development in Oslo A new townplan, designed in collaboration with MVRDV and Oslo-based DARK, situated at the Björvika-Bispevika fjord, comprising a mixed-used urban development program on 220,000 square meters with an architectural component of 55,000 square meters.