Niels Marius Askim and Lars Lantto studied at The Oslo School of Architecture, and began collaborating in 1993. Askim/Lantto Architects was founded in 1998. The same year, they were awarded the Norsk Form Prize for Young Designers. The office maintains a varied practice, covering a wide range of programs such as urban and landscape work, museums, schools, dwellings, interiors, exhibition and furniture design, as well as various art projects.
OSLO, 2002

Commissioned by the city government, the project attempts to blend into a diverse existing context while preserving the natural aspects of the site, using a varied set of spaces and juxtaposed volumes. Rhythm and variation produce an experience-rich architecture.

Emphasis has been placed on maintaining both communality and individuality through the use of variation in the organization of interior and exterior spaces. Each house is three floors, with a shared dwelling on the first two floors and a single apartment on the third.

The geometry and method of construction are modular, in order to minimize the construction period and optimize costs.