Borge & Saeterdal Da was established in 2001 by Marianne Borge and Kjetil Saeterdal. The office has since then completed one villa, a vacation house, an art gallery and various extensions and refurbishments on existing houses. The firm is guided by an architectural philosophy that espouses "no-nonsense architecture with emphasis on clear ideas and readable forms."

It is also an ambition to work with materials and forms that can withstand the tough climatic conditions in Norway as well as the wear and tear of time and use.


Situated on a steep sloping site in a suburban context the villa needed access from below and this resulted in a house with three stories. The kitchen and living room are located on the top floor facing the view of the Oslo fjord on one side and a small garden on the other side.

The Villa is built into the ground so that it appears as a one storey house from the garden on the backside.