Einar Jarmund and Håkon Vigsnæs were both born in 1962 in Oslo and graduated from the Oslo School of Architecture in 1987 and 1989, respectively. Håkon spent one year at the Architectural Assocation (AA) in London and Einar took a Masters degree from the University of Washington in Seattle. Håkon worked with Sverre Fehn, while Einar taught and worked in Seattle. Both have taught in Oslo and Bergen, and were visiting professors at Washington University in St. Louis in Spring 2004.

Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects was established in 1995 and today employs 15 architects. The practice focuses on projects with the potential for outstanding and meaningful architecture, often closely related to nature and preferably in strong natural settings with harsh climate. The practice explores modern possibilities with sensual and tactile means, seeking the right character for place and purpose.


The new Oslo School of Architecture is based in an existing building from 1938, located by the Akerselva River in the eastern part of Oslo. This project is part of a larger effort to revitalize this former industrial area for education-related use. The long-term aim is a campus for arts education along the riverbank. The project won first prize in an open architectural competition in 1988. The exterior of the existing building has landmark status. The architects have kept the block open towards the river, and combined into one spatial sequence the new program, the logic of the existing building, and the surroundings.

The exterior of the existing building has a landmark status.