Lie Øyen Architects was founded in 1999 by Tanja Lie and Kristoffer Øyen, who both studied architecture in Oslo. Since then, the office has handled and built projects of various scales, mainly connected to housing programs. Prior to establishing their own firm, Lie and Øyen worked at Xaveer de Geyter Architekten in Belgium and Ramberg Arkitekter in Norway, and they have been teaching studios on urbanism, housing, and IT at the Oslo School of Architecture.

The office has lately focused on the evolution of housing and new ways of living. Considering the traditional architect´s practice inefficient, they attempt to find ways of making architecture desirable, cheap and buildable through a search for basic qualities, through enabling the inhabitant to create his or her spaces, and through the use and misuse of mainstream building products.


The project 50 Houses at Eidsvoll is currently under consideration by the council of Eidsvoll, a city 80 kilometers north of Oslo. The field of terraced houses is situated on a steep hill next to the train station, with a magnificent view of the river and the city. Whereas the Z-shaped road is a result of the rise of the hill, the lagoon spaces between the houses are horizontal surfaces for play and common use. The small scale of the units is developed due to the needs of an increasing number of non-traditional family configurations, such as single parents and half-time families.

The project was developed in collaboration with Architect Eivind Øyen.