MIR performing architecture was founded in 2000 in Oslo, by Joachim Østlie and Andreas Haukeland. The firm believes that every project is unique, and should result in a singular building. It attempts to discover this potential in a project by understanding the interplay of all of its aspects: from the client's needs, through the local context, to the detailing. It sees its task as the creation of spaces that allow people the greatest possible quality of life, whether at an urban or an individual scale. Mir wants to create an architecture that is valid for both today and tomorrow. Good solutions do not arise from the intellect alone; in the search for new and better solutions, imagination and a broad vision are of central importance.

The project is situated in Borhaug, a small community at the southern tip of Norway, a stone's throw from the landmark Lista Lighthouse. The especially rugged character of this coastal area allows us to develop an architecture that is both place-dependent and modern.

The complex is to be built in wood as vertically divided row houses, creating a barrier to the coast and forming a sheltered yard between the houses. The area as a whole is organized in a close and intimate manner, following on the traditions of local fishing villages.

The site faces the sea at a natural harbor, with a beautiful view of a wide horizon.