mmw sivilarkitekter was founded by Magne Magler Wiggen in 1997. The office's first project was "Fhiltex" - a mobile home made out of two freight containers. This project put the office on the map - both nationally and internationally. Since then it has been recognized for its new and innovative solutions, which challenge accepted building traditions. Today the mmw crew numbers seven employees with broad experience in architecture, planning, building preservation, scenography and interior design. mmw believes that architecture is not only a matter of technique and problem solving. It is also a matter of courage and love. Courage - to push the limits, and to find solutions that stand out from the crowd. Love - for the craft, and the skill to turn reality up side down to find the ultimate solution. In addition to its primary work as an architectural firm, mmw also maintains a gallery, studio 34, which regularly hosts arts and design exhibitions.
Villa Bakke 2002

The project consisted of refurbishment and alterations to a private house form the 1960's. Interior and exterior have been altered, and new elements have been added. The client wanted an architecture in line with the new use of the dwelling - a contemporary home for a contemporary art collector - with an emphasis on modernity. His interest in art, sculpture in particular, has been important in the development of the project, and has affected the new expression of the house.

The three levels of the building are supported by two parallel cores - a fire core made in concrete and a water core made in aluminum. The concrete core gathers the fireplaces of the dwelling, while the water core gathers all the wet spaces. These two cores break through the plane of the roof and become parts of the exterior; one as a bathroom with a panoramic view, and the other as an outdoor fireplace. From the bathroom you can walk out into the Zen roof garden, over to the white concrete dining area.

The three levels of the building are supported by two parallel cores.