Thomas McQuillan was educated at the Cooper Union, before moving to Oslo, Norway. Since 1993, he has taught at the Oslo School of Architecture. He is currently completing work on doctoral research into architectures and technologies. Formerly, he was a partner with Lisbeth Funck in Funck McQuillan Architects, but since 2004 has established a separate personal practice.
Summerhouse at Tjøme in collaboration with Lisbeth Funck

The house is a low-cost, second home in the skerries two hours south of Oslo. An initial site visit revealed an awesome terrain, composed when glaciers receded in the last Ice Age. The house is raised on concrete columns in order to let the movement of the landscape flow unhindered below the floor, and to bring the volume into a dynamic equilibrium with the complex spatiality of the site and the uninterrupted view of the sea. Positioning within the site was optimized to store solar thermal energy in the chilly winter months, and large overhanging eaves screen direct sunlight in summer months. Sectionally, the volume is a transition from a grounded, pitched roof shape towards neighboring houses to a floating pavilion form in the mini-valley.