TUPELO ar+d is a young design studio producing architecture and design of all scales. The projects range from urban strategies to tactile interiors. The studio's ambition is to create unique experiences by constructing architecture that embraces new material technologies as well as modern spatial and social solutions. The studio was established 2002 and is headed by Knut Hovland.

ÆVI is TUPELO ar+d's proposal for a new courthouse in the city of Bergen. The clean principle of "3 slices" frames the courthouse functions. The middle slice, a slashed-slate volume, houses the courtrooms. The front slice is a public space. The rear slice houses the judge's offices. The main stair penetrates the central slate volume. The stair transforms from a circular geometry at ground level to an ellipse at roof level. The volume is stitched together with an armor mesh of glass and metal.

XXX The three levels of the building are supported by two parallel cores.