Melisa and Monica Arreola, (1976, Tijuana), received architecture degrees in 1999 from Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana. After working in government and private offices, they formed Basic(a) Studio in 2001. Basic(a) Studio's primary work is the production of digital art and architecture.
In a series called Mal-Hitos, Melisa Arreola juxtaposes examples of Tijuana's architecture with famous monuments and international buildings. The project questions the "colonialist" aesthetics of such gestures which base self-legitimization on imported values. In ArtError, Monica Arreola documents "errors," or image "blurps," in the television signal emitted by a local cable provider. Tijuana is known as an important manufacturing center of TV sets made in "maquiladoras." The project explores electronic "waste" as an accidental source of aesthetic pleasure and meaning through the medium of digital photography.

Low income housing units


Errors (Channel CNN, Channel E!, Channel Sony)