Generica's aim is to construct architecture appropriate to the society and culture of the Tijuana/San Diego region. Generica is not an adjudicator of globalization; however, it experiments within it to find a point of intercession for the region—architecture as a mediator without elements of hierarchy. Over the last four years, Generica has fused the ideology and pragmatic necessities of the Third World condition in which it finds itself. Despite preconceptions, cultural stereotypes, and other obstacles, Generica's objective is to generate proposals and not answers to the vivacious and hectic circumstances of the region.

Five levels, ten units, two construction systems. A traditional steel frame structure (labor intensive), an off-site manufacturing process of assemblage (maquiladora). Instrumental methods within the city

A screen acts as mediator between public and private programs, unifying in a permeable manner.

2004 Submission for the competition of the new wing of the Tijuana Cultural Center. A two-week installation that contrasts with the monumentality of institutionalized architecture of the 1970s. With the museum's representation of modernity in question, the proposal intends to bring artistic practices out into the open and enclose the public space in transparency.