Understanding the genesis of representational and architectural forms as inherent to the procedural conditions of locality, Germen explores low-tech, intuitive methodologies that have the dual aim of arriving at a design while articulating the systemic processes that generate it. The firm's "bottom-up" approach deconstructs historical conditions to demonstrate the specific emergence of self-organizing networks. Formed by architects Abraham Cabrera and Giacomo Castagnola and artist / art historian Lucia Sanroman, Germen faces the challenge of creating an architecture studio in Tijuana, a city growing exponentially while its socio-economic structures remain stagnant. Germen positions itself in this context with two projects: the reconstruction of Germen Studio / Apartment, whose design meets basic needs by using building materials collected from a network of people constituting an auto-generative system, and the exploration of Manicomio, a community that has transformed a well-known building by applying organic, multi-use, solutions that challenge standard architectural notions of time and scale.