Gracia Studio founded by Jorge Gracia, is based in Tijuana with commercial and residential projects in Mexico and California. Tijuana is a diverse city and lacks a sense of design culture. The firm is committed to two simple rules: 1) Do what you love. 2) Don't hire any one who doesn't love architecture. "If we are known to the world as a city of naked life, then let's give them naked architecture".
Located in an affluent neighborhood in Tijuana. During a site visit, we realized the best views to the city were too far, therefore we decided to create our own views. Conceptually, we divided the house in 2 volumes in order to 'see the house from within the house'.
Julian, California 2004. The house is divided in 3 volumes: a garage with rusted metal skin, a second structure containing the dining, living and kitchen areas, with glass doors opening onto nature, and a third volume containing private areas covered with rusted metal.