Instituto Municipal de Planeación, IMPLAN (Municipal Institute of Planning)

The Specific Improvement plan for Downtown Tijuana is an official document establishing a strategic proposal for urban development and socio-economic growth of the area. The central issues are the existing border crossing; the creation of a new crossing; elevated concentrations of public transportation; and land use restructuring due to relocated government activities. Moreover, there is a housing shortage as a result of service and commercial land use, thirty-year old infrastructure, and other issues that have gradually fostered a loss of urban character in the area. The goal of the integrated long term proposal is to advocate land-use restructuring and densification though public ordinances; bringing dignity to historic sites; the recovery of housing in the area; and the planning for public transportation. Its implementation, independent of government decisions, includes forming an autonomous citizen's organization, such as a development agency or trust, to guarantee the follow-up of the plan as conceived.

North West View of the Downtown Tijuana Model

South West View of the Downtown Tijuana Model with the border checkpoint at bottom center.