Oficina 3 is a young and dynamic studio founded in 1998. The firm's methodology does not depend on place, but on networks. It shies away from traditional architectural practice and approaches design as a collaborative process, a series of methodical actions investigating architectural practice within current cultural conditions. By participating and coordinating cultural events the firm collaborates with various academic and cultural institutions.

Living in Liminality
"Liminality is derived from 'limen', meaning threshold. The concept of 'liminal space,' introduced by anthropologist Victor Turner, suggests the idea of ambiguity and ambivalence. This in-between space applies to our city, allowing active exchanges of ideologies and processes. It is an indication of transition from one state or space to another, an on-going search for answers, yet the end result may not need not be defined."

Autotectonic workshop at Instituto Tecnologico de Tijuana in collabortion with Ramon Gomez.